Pack your bags and hit the road. Discover new places, make new friends.  Everyone has a great story about an adventure on the road or an unexpected encounter. As a nature lover and sportsman, I love being outdoors. Rain or shine, I head out with enthusiastic guests for a hike in the countryside or grab my bike for an adventurous trail ride. Who knows what we experience along the way?


About Hans

I love to travel and in 2000 I left home in The Netherlands to travel around Australia. After a great time down under I traveled the world and visited many places I dreamed of. Hiking in Patagonia, New Zealand and Peru and cycling through Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Travel is my life. I have been working as a tour guide for many years now. I work for several tour operators. I guide cycling holidays for Boat Bike Tours and Cycletours and NoSun sends me for adventurous camping trips to Ireland and Scandinavia. At Magnifique Luxury Cruises I accompany river cruises in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In winter I organize an active round tour in Vietnam.
Hans Spithoven

JOIN US to vietnam in 2023 & 2024

Fancy an adventure? Join us on a 20-day tour through colourful Vietnam in December 2023 and January 2024. With a small international group (max. 12 people) and a Vietnamese private guide we will set off to travel the Mekong Delta and highlights of the North. Read more about the program and departure dates of this unique trip or send me a message.


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